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howdy! and welcome to toddland. how long will you be staying? hopefully forever. wait, that was creepy. let's try this again... toddland is our own little world that formerly only existed in our heads (along with our imaginary supermodel girlfriends and that little voice that tells us to burn things). we are just a few friends making things that we think are rad and hope that you think are rad too. (if you don't, please don't tell us, we already have enough self esteem issues) it's clothes not rocket science. we tried rocketry, in a few words, it did not end well. anyways, we believe if you are going to make something, make it as rad as possible. so here we are. #stayrad #makeradstuff #weownthosetrademarks #lawyersarefun #theymadeussaythat

the cats pajamas.  literally.

the cats pajamas. literally.

$ 15.00

there's nothing cats hate more than everything. and being cold. so we asked our cat sir whiskergigglefluffypaws what he wanted more than anything and he said he wanted you to buy these and put them on your feline and take pictures and post them on every social media site possible.

he personally didn't want a pair , and we're not one to argue with him, he's kind of a jerk. but he's right. the internet is seriously lacking in cat related pajama party videos. do it right meow. it'll be funny. you feed that and put up with that little furball, time to finally have some fun with it.

***fits skinny kitties, pretty kitties, warm kitties, soft kitties, fluffy kitties, and regular size felines. ***wil not fit chunky kitties. buy this and give them a reason to get to the kitty gym.*** and don't email us and ask us if you can put this on your dog. we're not the boss of you.

  • red, classic cat sized onesie long underwear
  • sold as a novelty item. toddland's "the cats pajamas" are meant as a decorative/costume item.
  • toddland accepts no responsibility for any injury that may occur due to using this product.
  • please do not actually let your cat sleep in these.
  • they are meant as a novelty item to be worn for short amounts of time, such as for photos, etc.
  • please use good judgement when using these, and when ordering a pizza to share
  • we love all pets and would hate for any injury to occur to our furry little friends
  • 65% cotton / 35% polyester knit, made in china

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But really, for USA shipping, it's $5.00 for orders $0-$50, $10 shipping for orders $50-$100, and free shipping for orders over $100.  CANADA shipping is a flat rate $22 usually (*yes, it's outrageous, that is the rate we pay with our volume discount).  INTERNATIONAL shipping is usually a default $25.  If you are international and getting something small like a pin or a sticker, shoot us an email and we'll refund the difference since it won't cost that much to get your order to you.