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howdy! and welcome to toddland. how long will you be staying? hopefully forever. wait, that was creepy. let's try this again... toddland is our own little world that formerly only existed in our heads (along with our imaginary supermodel girlfriends and that little voice that tells us to burn things). we are just a few friends making things that we think are rad and hope that you think are rad too. (if you don't, please don't tell us, we already have enough self esteem issues) it's clothes not rocket science. we tried rocketry, in a few words, it did not end well. anyways, we believe if you are going to make something, make it as rad as possible. so here we are. #stayrad #makeradstuff #weownthosetrademarks #lawyersarefun #theymadeussaythat

stay rad

all stay rad products. www.stayrad.com and www.toddland.com are the only place to get authentic stay rad products. we are the owners of the registered trademark and the originators of "stay rad".  aka, don't buy the fakes, you're totally rad enough to just get the real stuff from the people that created it! 

(currently re-stocking everything shown as well as adding a few new styles!  for updates on inventory watch this page, watch our twitter feed, watch our instagram feed, and watch your language while you're at it, don't want to upset nanna!)