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*SHIPPING / PICKUP: all items will most likely ship AFTER San Diego Comic Con, probably around 7/27. we are extremely busy getting ready for comic con, but if we can get them out before, we will. orders received before 6/19 may be available for pickup at comic con, so PLEASE email us at store@toddland.com if you would like to pick up at sdcc (we are booth #4537, same as last year) we will ONLY be selling things until 7/17, then after that, they are most likely gone forever, and the site will be coming down and switching back to regular toddland. a limited number of each item may be available at comic con and the house of blues san diego show, but not all sizes and styles. we will not be taking these items to any other comic cons, only san diego. in order to make sure you get exactly what you want, PLEASE order online, and as early as possible! we just want to get everyone what they want, in the sizes they want this year! thanks!