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howdy! and welcome to toddland. how long will you be staying? hopefully forever. wait, that was creepy. let's try this again... toddland is our own little world that formerly only existed in our heads (along with our imaginary supermodel girlfriends and that little voice that tells us to burn things). we are just a few friends making things that we think are rad and hope that you think are rad too. (if you don't, please don't tell us, we already have enough self esteem issues) it's clothes not rocket science. we tried rocketry, in a few words, it did not end well. anyways, we believe if you are going to make something, make it as rad as possible. so here we are. #stayrad #makeradstuff #weownthosetrademarks #lawyersarefun #theymadeussaythat

Kidrobot Bob's Burgers BAD Tina 7" Medium Figure (BOB'S LIVE/ORPHEUM PICKUP ONLY)

Kidrobot Bob's Burgers BAD Tina 7" Medium Figure (BOB'S LIVE/ORPHEUM PICKUP ONLY)

$ 50.00


All Bob’s Burgers LIVE items MUST be picked up at The Orpheum (Saturday 6/17 or Sunday 6/18).  Items cannot ship and must be picked up.  Any items not picked up will not be refunded (as per most vendors standard pre-order convention/event policy)  Someone can pick up for you, but we need to know your order number, and who is picking up for you in an email (store@toddland.com) and/or in the notes section of your order. Again, Bob’s Burgers items do not ship.  If there are any “leftovers” they may be placed online at a later date.

Again, Bob’s Burgers items are pickup at Bob's Live at the Orpheum ONLY. They will not ship and there are no refunds.

"Detention is no big deal, Mom. Don't have a crap attack"

Joining Beefsquatch in the Kidrobot x Bob’s Burgers collection is another Belcher family favorite, Tina, and this time she is BAD! Sporting her not so secret Erotic friend fiction notebook, she is ready for any shelf, desk or dance floor just preferably anywhere she can see your butt.

(occasionally packaging arrives with slight creases or damages on it due to the way it ships. The item inside is 100% perfect, but occasional the box it comes in from kid robot is a little dinged up. Please do not purchase from us if you need a 100% flawless box, we just open and ship the next one in the case)

(Please note that there are no returns accepted on any Kidrobot items due to their collectible nature)


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