howdy everyone! YES! we are the crazy people that made the union suit that Jake Arrieta was wearing after pitching his no hitter! "CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!" - yelled in will ferrell harry caray voice) we are currently working on getting them back online today (Monday 8/31) along with our other versions for pre-order for holiday15. they are always a holiday item for us so we did not have them ready to go live, and then Jake goes and pitches an no hitter and has a pajama party! Congrats Jake! go ahead and email us at or and ask us silly questions and give us business advice, like, HEY! you should totally have those in stock.... wow, really? cool, good idea, we didn't think of that. we're working on it! stay rad. - the fine folks at toddland instagram - toddlandstore twitter - toddlandstore facebook - toddland