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so, you want to work at toddland huh? so do we. oh wait, we already do. anyways, back to you, since it's apparently all about you captain important. we have positions listed below that we are currently looking to fill. if there aren't any listed below, then that means we do not currently have any openings, but will always be happy to keep your resume on file. we are located in newport beach, ca.

please email your resume and any information to


toddland offers internships throughout the year. if you love nothing more than getting coffee for guys with beards, filing endless paperwork, and putting stickers on things, then are we the place for you! (kidding…but not really) actually you will get exposure to every department of toddland and will essentially float between everyone helping out as needed. Oh yeah, and we’re a block from the beach.

- MUST be through a college or university program, sorry, no exceptions to this
- length of internship is based on school program/requirements
- prefer students with a passion for the industry
- sense of humor is a requirement. we’re funny. you should be too. or at least laugh at our jokes.
- we are looking for students with a great attitude, great work ethic, and who are smart as well
- this is an unpaid internship. but you can’t put a price on unlimited radness anyways, right?
- it’s only an internship, so don’t think you are coming in to be the new head of design.
- we prefer supporting progams from local colleges and universities, but open to anyone from any school
- location is in Newport Beach, CA

stay rad.
- toddland